Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Relationship Connection.

As a human being the very minute we begin our life (outside of the womb) we already have a relationship. It is our first contact in this world. In many cases there are also third parties involved in bringing us into the world: the midwives or doctors and nurses on  hand to deliver us.

The very first connection we made when we are born. Relationship. Without any connection we will die soon after we are born. Relationships with our fellow men and women will continue with us until the day we die.

I am not talking about the scientific defination for relationship. I am talking about a personal connection between two personages. Two living, thinking (reasoning, contemplating and self aware), logical and emotional personages.

I know there are people who established personal relationship with objects, plants and animals. Though this appears natural and normal (from a psychologist point of view) personally I prefer to class these as unnatural ( Genesis 2:18, 20) expressions fueled by the need to connect emotionally with something outside of the mind self.

There are more sorrows and misery because of human relationships not going right than for all other reasons combined.

You may ask me what makes me an expert to talk about relationship? What are my qualifications?

I am sorry to say that I have no qualifications and am no expert. For this reason I am not talking from my qualifications or experience but from a perspective that all of mankind have ignored or disregarded or misunderstood since the dawn of our time (when the first family of mankind took their first step on this earth). That is right, I am writing from a Biblical perspective. That should not be a surprise.

Many may disagree with me on the point that the Bible has been misunderstood. Well just read my blogs that are extracts of my books (both yet to be published, targeted for end of year 2010*) which are here and here and judge for yourself if what I have said is true.

* Date has since been revised to end of 2012.

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